Smartwatches to be equipped with Qi wireless charging in the near future

Blog | 27th March 2014

Note: this is an old blogpost. Check out our Apple Watch chargers.

Eindhoven – August 27, 2014 – You’ll see a lot of exciting developments in the world of high tech and wearables in the near future. Leading brands like Motorola recently announced their first, or even second generation of smartwatches.

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Qi Wearables for early adopters

Smartwatches could very well be the next the ‘next best thing’ in the technology-area. Many consumers will wear their smartwatch twenty-four-seven, which is why manufacturers are looking to make smartwatches as ‘durable’ as possible. Of course you’d want to take your smartwatch to the gym, outdoors and even shower!

Qi wireless charging and smartwatches

Wireless charging is easy to implement in SmartWatches. No need for connectors and cables; no more worries around the use of water when having to charge your device.

In the near future there’ll be many new Qi integrated products available on the market, including Qi Smartwatches.
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