Smart office management

Gain insights & analytics

Using Zens intelligent wireless technology, you can collect data and view real-time stats on your dashboard, to efficiently manage your office. A sensor integrated in the wireless charger (PuK) gathers data from every workspace and gives you insights about office occupancy and shows you how and where to reduce costs. If your office is at 65% capacity every Friday afternoon, you can pre-set specific zones or floors and automatically block 35% of your office to save on heating, lighting, maintenance and cleaning costs.

Unlimited integration

Whether you’re a small local business or a huge global network, you can transform any amount of desks into meaningful data, simply by integrating a Zens wireless charger (with PuK iBeacon). And as companies grow, unlimited smart desks can be added and all data can either be incorporated in smart building platforms by API or viewed on the dashboard.

Charging effortlessly

Never run out of battery again. With Zens wireless chargers seamlessly built into office furniture, you can keep your smartphone fully charged by simply placing it on the PuK.

It’s that simple. Fully charged wirelessly at any desk, at any given time. No messy wires or annoying cables getting in the way of working. Just intuitive, user-friendly, super convenient technology.

Do you want to have a smart office?

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