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Work Dynamics

Mastering new working dynamics in the office

As the office environment moves from being desk-centric to a more collaboration-oriented hub, new ways of working post many challenges for the set-up and layout of your office space.

Whether your people work sitting or standing, jointly or on their own, meeting up for a team sprint or finding a silent corner to phone a client. Facility managers are being asked to anticipate and meet the changing needs of employees.

People working in a meeting room

Create a healthy environment where people feel safe

As we slowly move back to the office, employee health and safety are paramount. At the same time digital and hybrid working is also set to impact the way people work now and in the future.

Employees want to know when and where to collaborate with colleagues or meet over a cup of coffee. A clean and safe environment has become key to them.

As facility manager you need to be able to spot the number of available working spaces and see if they’re clean.

Set new goals to effectively use your office space: the smart way

Maximize office efficiency by knowing real time if a working space is in use and for how long.

The Zens WorkCharge Dashboard is a reporting tool that gives you real-time, highly accurate insights into how your office space is being used throughout the day. Follow what type of desk, space or room is most favored at any one time during the working day.

Add the type of working places that are in high demand or reduce the ones that are used less often.

Unlike most other systems which mark a space available when a user goes to the rest room or is in a meeting, Zens WorkCharge reports when a space is available, not just free.

Office Map WorkCharge

Digital influences how we work. Have the full picture of how people use the office space!

Measure, process and analyze occupancy data immediately. Do so for your whole building or choose a specific area. At any moment in the day or over a certain period.

Use the comprehensive Zens WorkCharge data to optimize your office space. Get insights in the needs of your employees per type of workplace, be it for focus, collaborative, phone, social or more. Create safe flexible and collaborative working areas – much favored by your millennial workforce – while minimizing your carbon footprint and lowering your costs.

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Open up or block workplaces on your dashboard to ensure social distancing. Re-arrange workplaces to best fit employee needs. Check the need to call in cleaning services.

Social Distancing


Use the analytics dashboard to monitor the use of different types of workplaces and spaces.

Smart Office Management


Have full control over where people are allowed to work to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Effective use of office space and cleaning services cuts costs.

Cost Efficient Cleaning
How it works for your people

Your people want to work. Not spend time checking in, remembering a password to log in, or scanning a QR code. All they need is to tap your mobile on the Zens Module.

The Zens WorkCharge patented solution is the most intuitive solution around.


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At Zens we are committed to making solutions that are people centric, with a design that guarantees intuitive user experiences and highest adoption.

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover yourself how easy Zens WorkCharge is to implement and use!

1 – Find a safe workplace the fast way

1 – Find a safe workplace the fast way

Finding a suitable workplace doesn’t get easier than this! Check real time – or get a notification – on where you can find a free workspace of your liking. Or check when you get into the office: Zens WorkCharge lights up green when a desk is available.

Find a workplace
2 – Find your colleagues

2 – Find your colleagues

Place your mobile on the Zens WorkCharge on your desk when you start work. As said: no passwords, no hassle. Check the office map to see where your colleagues are hanging out. And the great thing is: your mobile charges automatically while you’re working.

Find your colleagues
3 – Get home fast

3 – Get home fast

Your work is done. Simply pick up your phone and you’re automatically checked out as soon as you leave the premises. The Zens WorkCharge will light up to let the cleaners know the desk has been used and needs to be cleaned.

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Zens WorkCharge lights up GREEN for a free and clean desk, RED for blocked or occupied desks, and BLUE for a free desk that has been used before, so needs a quick clean.

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