Wireless charger for Apple devices

Wireless chargers for Apple

The best wireless chargers for your Apple devices. Check out our iPhone wireless chargers, AirPods chargers and Apple Watch chargers. All Qi certified, specially made for your device.

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Dual wireless charger with iPhone and Airpods

iPhone wireless chargers

Your iPhone deserves quality when it comes to charging. No more messy wires, no cheap plastics and no questionable technology. With our Qi certified chargers you can safely charge your iPhone, even at night. One charging dock for all your Apple devices.

Apple MagSafe charger with Apple Watch

MagSafe chargers

Attached to your phone? So is our MagSafe wireless charger. Integrate your own MagSafe in the charger and experience a convenient way to also charge your AirPods, another phone or even your Apple Watch.

Liberty Wireless charger with iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch

AirPods chargers

Don’t stop the music! With our AirPods chargers you will always be able to enjoy a tune on the go. Just place your charging case for AirPods on our charger and let the magic happen.

Wireless Charger 4-in-1 with iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch

Apple Watch chargers

It is about time we would introduce you to our Apple Watch chargers. The built-in Apple Watch module is compatible with all Apple Watch series. These wireless chargers are a perfect solution for you nightstand or desk.

Modular wireless charging set

Create your own combination

Born from recycled plastic, our modular chargers are a match made in heaven for your Apple devices. You can create your own wireless charger stand.

Bought a new pair of AirPods? No worries, just add an extension to your exisiting modular combination. Simple. As. That.

ZEMSC2P - Zens Modular Stand Wireless Charger With Extensions And Devices

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