Apple MagSafe chargers

Apple MagSafe Chargers

The best wireless Apple MagSafe chargers for your Apple devices. Our quality Wireless Apple MagSafe chargers are perfect on your nightstand, desk and even look good on your kitchen table. And no worries: our Qi-certified chargers will always safely charge your Apple devices. Even at night.

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Apple MagSafe Charger 3-in-1 lifestyle

iPhone 12’s best compagnon

With the launch of the iPhone 12 appeared a new ecosystem of accessories for Apple iPhones. MagSafe makes it easier to charge iPhones wirelessly by connecting magnetically to your phone, even when the cover is attached.

Magnetic Powerpack with iPhone lifestyle

Fast charge your Apple iPhone

MagSafe increases the throughput and fast chargers up to 15w, bringing the iPhone in line with most other fast-charging Android chargers. But MagSafe isn’t just about speed. It’s also about the freedom of experience. One of the biggest problems with wireless charging is finding the “sweet spot” where the charger and device close the circuit. With MagSafe’s alignment Magnet solution, wireless charging has never been so easy.

Apple MagSafe Charger 4-in-1 with Apple devices

Easy to connect

MagSafe chargers are magnetically drawn to this device, which guarantees that your wireless charger aligns perfectly – promising a quick and safe charging experience. Zens wireless chargers are specially designed to snap on and off devices, allowing an ‘easy to connect’ relationship between the two.

Apple MagSafe Charger 3-in-1 with Apple devices

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